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Action for its protection

Due to the studies that we do about Jewish heritage in Catalonia, we receive information from other regions. This is how we have been informed that in the area of Lucena (Andalusia), an ancient Jewish cemetery was discovered during excavations for the construction of the city's beltway.
A letter was immediately sent to the President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain, Mr. Jacob Israel Garzón, to make him aware of the situation and to allow that the Federation takes the necessary measures to avoid removing bodies in this city and in other areas of Spain.
City renewal, which is taking place in many areas of the country, brings about excavations beyond the original middle ages city's boundaries, where no development had been taken place before.
It is worth remembering the relevance of Lucena for Jewish history, as it was the center of the yeshiva of Rabí Itsjaq Alfasi (Ri’’f) in the XI and XII centuries.
Rabi Iehuda Halevi was one of its most reknowned scholars, and teachings from Lucena have spread throughout Spain.



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